About Us

We would rather have our customers do the talking.(Because it's not 'us' but 'you' who really matter to us.)

Who we are ?

Welcome to ServiceYaar.com, where home services are no longer daunting and cumbersome.We are an enthusiastic team of individuals looking forward to provide go-to utility services that help fixing problems haunting the average home keeper! We are driven by our passion to give more to the common household and the community at large.At ServiceYaar, we believe that no matter how great a home maker you are, there is always that one leaky tap,or a squeaky pipe that needs a fix.

In this digital age, people have always looked up to technology for solutions,and so, we sat down and decided to address the problem at hand.Whether you are a stickler for cleanliness, or someone juggling between home and a busy/hectic life, What we have for you at ServiceYaar is the perfect door-to-door solution that addresses every domestic problem.A solution to rid the society off the hassles of daily life.A cost effective solution that can impact thousands of households.A solution that bridges the gap between skilled professional and the need for their services.A solution that gives power to 'the ones' that make homes 'a happy place'!

Still confused? Don't be! Scroll down a little and get to know us better.

How it all began ?

One Sunday I woke up to a very annoying sound that kept me awake the whole night.The dripping got only louder and louder by the day and then I had to identify the source.It was from a leaky faucet.I was determined to fix it.I grabbed a few tools from a toolkit and got off to work.Soon I realised that the spindle on the tap got loose and I couldn't fix it without professional help.Water kept pooling under the sink and I was feeling very helpless.I had to get that fixed soon.I drove around Basheerbagh, where I lived in Hyderabad and searched if I could locate a hardware or electrical shop to see if the person there could set me up with a plumber.But tough luck I had,especially because it was a Sunday.I drove back home and decided to see if the Internet was of any help.So I sat down online and typed in these very words "plumber in Hyderabad" and the search results weren't much to my liking.

Then I decided to call friends of mine to see if they could help me with the situation.So I dial up Aman and explain to him about the fix I am in.He said this is a problem he faced last week when he wanted to know where to get a service that could help in Washing machine repair in Hyderabad.But luckily for me, he had the number of a person who did a little of the plumbing work and he gave me that.I got him to fix my faucet and it was a good feeling finally to have it sorted.

But that was the moment I realised that probably a lot of people had no access to professional blue collar services like this.It was when the idea of designing a portal that could help us bring the demand and the supply for such services hit me.

So I sat down with Aman,Mohnish and then listed down all the services that needed intervention in order to optimise the whole process and this is what our list looked like:

  • Air Conditioner Repair in Hyderabad
  • Inverter repair in Hyderabad
  • Electricians in Hyderabad
  • Home theatre repair in Hyderabad
  • Rent a car in Hyderabad
  • Washing Machine Repair in Hyderabad
  • Inverter in Hyderabad
  • Dishwasher in Hyderabad
  • Home tuitions in Hyderabad
  • Plumbers in Hyderabad
  • Catering Services in Hyderabad
  • Dance Classes in Hyderabad
  • Advertising Agencies in Hyderabad
  • Event Management in Hyderabad
  • Wall Painting Services in Hyderabad
  • Computer Repair in Hyderabad
  • Once we made this list, we knew we had to take this forward.And yes soon enough, Serviceayaar.com happened! From a team of three we grew into a network of professional blue collared workers who would now get a platform to work and deliver their services more effectively.The whole idea of helping keep homes happening with just a portal that connects them with the best of professionals from various backgrounds really got us all excited and that is the foundation on which our website was built.Catering to the needs of the denizens of Hyderabad became our sole motto and this portal became a medium by which we could achieve our goals.Now anybody can order services from the comfort of their homes.So if you need us to send our people to help you make your homes a better place,don't hesitate, we will be more than glad to serve you.

    Yours sincerely,
    Pranav Agarwal

    We are the stress management.

    We are the laughing therapy.

    We are the sugar-fix every one of your sweet tooth needs.

    We are your friendly all-in-all service provider.

    We are ServiceYaar.

    Where your needs are our priorities.